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Fridays Off!® was created in 2012 as a solution for entrepreneurs who are overworked, overstressed, and not enjoying their business in the way they want. If any of that describes you, then you’ve come to the right place.

This business was founded on three basic truths:

  • You can have time and energy to work on important things, like strategy, innovation and growth.
  • You can have free time to spend with your family.
  • You can enjoy your business and your life.

Way too many business owners always busy, feel like they don’t have time to think, and are always juggling projects.  Not only that, but they secretly feel guilty to themselves and others for all the things being left undone.  It seems like everything in today’s world is conspiring against him including the recession, increased competition, and even lazy employees that just don’t get it.

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Marlene Scott

marlene-scott-fridays-offMarlene Scott loves to help entrepreneurs find joy in their entrepreneurship again. She helps them to transform their company into something that fits their personality instead of them being the slave of their business. Her clients feel relief because they don’t have to push themselves forward anymore. Like one of her clients said, “It starts to become so much fun it scares me.”

She has already trained over 10,000 professionals in working smarter and has inspired many more through her writing.

2013-06-23 cover-change-agents-brian-tracyMarlene is a best-selling author. She wrote and published many articles and is a co-author with Bryan Tracy for the book “Change Agents.” She works both with senior level managers at multi-billion dollar enterprises and entrepreneurs with small businesses. Marlene loves to help people get a much clearer view of their identity.

TJ Oosterkamp

20121109-Extreem Produktief Taco en Marleen 09-11-2012-45As a long-time entrepreneur, best-selling author and productivity expert, TJ Oosterkamp thoroughly enjoyes helping entrepreneurs to optimize their productivity. Together with Marlene Scott, he developed a proven system to help business owners free up one day every week to work on strategy, innovation and growth, or to just enjoy a three-day weekend.

Over the past decade, TJ and Marlene inspired and trained thousands of professionals in businesses of all sizes, from small companies to multi-billion dollar enterprises, such as AkzoNobel, Vodafone, BDO, Boston Scientific, Damen Shipyards, Hennes & Mauritz, Heinz, ING Bank, KLM Air France, Toyota, Nestle, Pepsi Co, Philips, Reed Elsevier, Ricoh and Unilever.

They find that they enjoy their work most when they train and coach business owners who know that they themselves are the bottleneck in the growth and transformation of their business. They are guys and girls who want to beat the system, who want to figure out better strategies to do things from their own personality, and who want to learn better ways to work with employees, freelancers and suppliers. They love simple tricks to get the most out of everything, and are business owners who don’t want to just improve their email, but want to improve everything that moves!

TJ is available for speaking engagements and interviews across the world. He speaks on freeing up time for entrepreneurs, business owners and managers to build a successful business and life, thinking strategies and fun. Please use the contact form to request more information about speaking engagements or scheduling an interview.

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