How to Increase Your Productivity As An Entrepreneur

Are you hearing the phrase “increase your productivity” ringing in your ears day in day out? But you already feel as if the treadmill you are on is at top speed, and instead you would like to look for ways to get off. Yet, the business needs to keep growing and the bottom line needs to keep increasing. And you need to break this exhaustive cycle you are caught in.

Freeing the entrepreneur within from the drudgery and monotony of endless tasks will enable you to become again the creative person you were meant to be. After all, you as an entrepreneur make up a special category in this world, and you never envisioned yourself slaving away for long hours when you started your business.

Often entrepreneurs find it hard to increase productivity as the thought of working longer hours and increasing the work speed just doesn’t fit in with having any kind of life outside the office, without even mentioning what the exhaustive routine does to you personally, draining away your creative juices.

The secret to getting a handle on the situation is quite simple: Productive people do not try to outwork everyone else, but they make things happen—by working smarter. This idea is summed up in the Pareto principle—in other words, if you change the way you do things by 20 percent, you will have results which equal 80 percent.

How will you bring about this change? Take a step back and take a good look at your work life.

  • What can you stop doing?
  • Where are the tasks that can be delegated?
  • Where are the jobs that can be outsourced?
  • What work day interruptions can you end?
  • What tasks can be optimized?

It’s up to you to free yourself and the creative person within, and the good news is that you can increase your company’s productivity at the same time. It’s time to get off the treadmill!

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